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Picture 1 Girl with head down captioned, I just want to give up. I don't see the point of trying. Picture 2 two boys smiling captioned, we'll look for hope. Picture 1 sad girl curled up captioned, I try to connect with others but it never works. Picture 2 students sitting in a circle smiling captioned, we'll find connections together. Picture 1 girl with head in hand, captioned, I don't know how to get through a day. It's so draining. Picture 2 two girls laying on floor with paint splattered, smiling captioned, we'll find your strengths and learn how to use them. Picture 1 boy looking at reflection in mirror captioned, I just wish I was normal, like everyone else. Picture 2 two girls with excited expressions captioned, we'll celebrate all of our differences. Picture 1 girl with blank expression with mother in background captioned, I've tried everything to help my kid. I don't know what to do. Picture 2 father and son eating, captioned we'll work as a team to help your family find relief.

Our Mission

NewHope Academy's mission is to provide students with a safe, therapeutic, and educational environment where they develop skills to become effective learners, gain personal insight, and acquire coping strategies. Students earn school credit while working to achieve their intellectual and social-emotional potential.


Our students tend to...

  • Be of average to above-average intelligence

  • Withdraw socially and emotionally

  • Experience difficulty “fitting in” a mainstream environment

  • Have difficulty reading social cues

  • “Slip through the cracks” until their problems are severe

  • Procrastinate (specifically with homework and long-term projects)

  • Have difficulty with executive functioning

  • Have talents in art and music

  • Have the potential for academic achievement

  • Struggle with gross and/or fine motor skills

  • Have difficulty with social skills

  • Use frequent illness to avoid school and may become “school avoidant” 

  • Appear sad, lonely, anxious, hopeless, or depressed

  • Harbor anger and hostility but do not act out in school or in the community

Calendar & Events

NewHope News

The Great Penny Wars of 2016

The Junior High Social Studies class is excited to announce that The Great Penny Wars of 2016 have come to a successful end. Students raised $512.41 for Doctors Without Borders!  NHA has agreed to match this donation for a total of $1,024.82!

Cultural Diversity Japan Bulletin Board

Part of our experience at NHA is to expose students to different cultures and experiences. Every month we will introduce students to a new culture through food, documentaries, as well as guest speakers.

This year we have explored Japan and next up is Venzuela. Check out our Cultural Boards located around the school.

Volunteer Service

NewHope is committed to increasing students' appreciation of service and community. We strive to build a strong sense of community through volunteer work, fundraising, and school spirit.

Our opportunities this year:


  • Somme Woods Restoration Work Day
  • Feed My Starving Children -- Our students, as well as other volunteers from the community, packed enough meals to feed 104 children for a year!!


  • Niles Township Food Pantry Food Collection and Donation


  • St. Jude's Hospital -- Creating bracelets and cards for patients staying over the holidays
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