Clinical Director's Welcome Message

Last Updated: 8/24/2021 5:13 PM


Nora Walsh
Clinical Director


Welcome to NewHope Academy East!

Our clinical team is here to help support parents and students throughout their time at NHAe. 

Our approach to clinical care is rooted in the belief that all students are capable of enormous personal growth when they are provided with the support they need. We value the importance of a team approach when working with our students and collaborate closely with the teaching staff as well as community providers.

At NHAe, therapists meet weekly with students during the school year for individual therapy.   Our Clinical Team utilizes a variety of techniques based on each students’ needs and strengths to support students in building resilience and emotional stability helping them to engage more consistently in the classroom setting and become independent learners.

Students also participate in weekly group therapy where they focus on processing their emotions in a supportive setting with their peers; while simultaneously building social skills, collaborative problem-solving skills, and confidence.  

NHAe strongly believes that family involvement is a key component for student growth and success.  The Clinical Team maintains close contact with families to proactively address family dynamics and provide support.  Services offered to all families include family therapy and a monthly parent support group facilitated by our Clinic Staff.

We look forward to working with you at NHAe in an environment that provides the building blocks for future health and success for all students.

Nora Walsh, LCSW

Clinical Director