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New Hope Academy

Executive Director's Message

Executive Director's Message

When your child is struggling in school and at home, it affects everyone. Parents will often express to me that their family is in a state of crisis and they are looking for an environment where their child can work up to their academic potential and feel supported and nurtured. They are looking for hope.

Students at NewHope are capable of achieving at grade level or above; however they are not consistently available to learn or be in the classroom for a variety of reasons. Whether they have been bullied in school, are avoiding an over-stimulating environment, or feeling like no one understands them, the staff at NewHope are skilled in addressing individual learning and therapeutic needs. NewHope will help your child feel accepted and safe.

We know this time can be difficult and it may be hard to see past the crisis. NewHope Academy will help your child and your family feel hopeful for the future again.

Brandy Larrance