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New Hope Academy

Educational Program

Academic Foundation 

  • Teaching staff hold LBS1 designations, certified in subject content, and/or have support staff certification

  • Academic integrity maintained by meeting Common Core Learning standards

  • Student-based and interactive classroom environment

  • Tools that develop executive functioning and organization skills

  • Student accommodations based on strengths and needs

  • Active case management that maintains ongoing contact with parents and home school

Executive Functioning

NewHope students need assistance with organization and executive functioning skills on a daily basis. Executive functions are necessary for goal-directed behavior. Skills we work on at NewHope include the ability to initiate and stop actions, to monitor and change behavior as needed, and to plan future behavior when faced with novel tasks and situations.

Case Managing

When a student is accepted to NewHope, we take responsibility for case managing the student. All students at NewHope are assigned a case manager. Following a 45 to 60-day assessment period, the case manager, in cooperation with the therapist develops an IEP utilizing input from NewHope staff and current testing. The following is a list of duties of a NewHope case manager:

  • Initial Assessment and Needs Analysis
  • Monitoring Student's Progress
  • Communicating Progress
  • Creating IEPs and Attending IEP Meetings