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New Hope Academy


When a student is accepted to NewHope, NewHope takes responsibility to provide appropriate and efficient mental health care within an educational setting. All students at NewHope are assigned a therapist. 

Following a 45 to 60-day assessment period, the therapist develops a comprehensive initial therapy report (with social emotional IEP goals) that includes the social and developmental history of the student. Therapists develop this report in cooperation with input from NewHope staff, reviewing student files, conducting parent interviews, and observing the student within the school environment.

The following is a list of duties of a NewHope therapist:

  • Therapy services (individual, group, and family)
  • Monitoring students within the environment
  • Communication of the student's emotional needs

Treatment Model

  • Multi-context treatment approach (in session, at home, in the classroom)
  • Collaborative goal development with the student and his/her family
  • Required family participation in treatment
  • Focus on emotion-management skills
  • Individualized and group social skill development